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AESI is your source for processing Medical Marijuana Business (MMB) projects. We offer a wide range of services from project development through construction.

We can provide the necessary due diligence assistance to help you select the right parcel and minimize development costs. When you apply for a City/State permit we can help with conceptual site plans and vicinity maps.

After you receive your City/State permit we normally provide surveying and engineering design to prepare the Civil-Site Plan. This plan is submitted to the City’s Staff Development Review (SDR) process and meeting. This will provide the City’s feedback for development of the project and conditions of approval.

The next step involves the development of plans and reports necessary for construction of the proposed facilities. We can assist with soils reports, hydrology studies, grading, and utility plans.

The final step is the construction phase. During this phase we provide surveying, soils, special inspection, and various other services to support the owner and contractor.

Please give us a call to discuss the particulars of your project. Common services we provide are listed below. We are waiting to help your project become a reality!

Typical MMB Services We Provide

  Zone Change/Land Use Application
  • Assist with application preparation
  • Prepare Conceptual Site Plan

MMB Application and Permit (First Step)
  • Vicinity Map
  • Conceptual Site Plan

Conditional Use Permit (CUP)/ Staff Development Review (SDR) Civil Site Plan (Second Step - Entitlement)
  • Surveying topography / boundary
  • Site Plan with buildings, roads, retention basins, parking, gates, and fire access
  • Sit down meeting with City staff to review project and provide conditions of approval

Construction Plans & Reports (Third Step)
  • Soils & Percolation Report
  • Rough Grading
  • Precise Grading
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Hydrology (Renention Basin)
  • Street
  • Storm Drain
  • Erosion Control and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Construction (Fourth Step)
  • Survey Staking of Improvements
  • Soils Testing & Special Inspection

Miscellaneous Services
  • Parcel Maps
  • Lot Mergers
  • Easements
  • Biota / Initial Studies (by outside consultant)
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