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Environmental Services

Arrow Engineering's Environmental Division prepares detailed and accurate environmental reports which help public and private sector clients comply with regulatory requirements. Assessments are performed according to ASTM Standard E 1527-13 and the latest All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) protocol.

Our reliable Phase 1 Environmental reports assist our clients in making informed business decisions while minimizing the cost and time restraints on client's projects.
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments

Environmentally Impaired Property Assessments
Vacant land
Mobile home parks

Commonly Encountered Hazards
Underground storage tanks
Groundwater contamination
Discolored surface soils
Pestcide soils

Comprehensive Reports
Ownership research
Complete site history
Historic land use
Site description
Aerial photography review
Review of previous records
Site reconnaissance
Area reconaissance and half mile Border Zone Map showing location of findings
Complete listing of environmental hazards within a one-mile radius and mapping of hazards
Complete listing of type of hazard, owner, location, source and problem
Findings and conclusions

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