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Geotechnical - QA/QC

Soils Lab Quality Assurance :

Quality control involving both equipment and personnel plays a significant role in maintaining a high degree of performance in the geotechnical and materials engineering fields. For this reason, AESI utilizes inspection and evaluation programs to insure the highest level of quality in its soil laboratory performance. .

Quality Control Programs

AESI participates in several proficiency sample testing programs, including those conducted by AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (ARML), and Cement & Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL). AESI has been certified for numerous ASTM tests by AASHTO

AESI has been inspected and approved by the Army Corps of Engineers for work on various Corps projects within our geographical service area.

Our City of Los Angeles certification ensures a high level of competence with the testing procedures our technicians perform, and meets Federal and State requirements for compliance testing.

Equipment Calibration

Our primary pieces of equipment are calibrated annually by an independent calibration service based on National Institute of Standards & Technology standards.

Personnel Certifications :

Certifications serve as a QA/QC process to ensure that labs and field technicians are following proper procedures, using the proper equipment, and that all equipment is properly calibrated. Laboratory and field technicians maintain certificates from the following agencies:

ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials


Designates specifications for sampling and testing materials including soils, aggregates, concrete, grout, mortar, asphalt concrete, bituminous materials, cement treated materials
AASHTO - American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials


Advocates transportation-related policies and provides technical services to support sites in their efforts to efficiently and safely move people and goods.
AMRL - AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory


Subdivision of AASHTO - A soils inspection and laboratory certification agency with yearly certification. This certification program implements rigorous requirements for technician competence and equipment precision.
CCRL - Concrete &Cement Reference Laboratory
Subdivision of AASHTO - A concrete and aggregate laboratory certification agency with yearly certification. CCRL certification indicates that an individual has demonstrated the knowledge and ability to properly perform, record, and report the results of basic laboratory procedures for aggregates and concrete. The program requires a working knowledge of relevant AASHTO and/.or ASTM standards.
ACI - American Concrete Institute
Trains and certifies field and laboratory technicians for concrete. Laboratory technicians are certified every 6 years. Field techs are certified every 5 years.
ICC - International Code Council


Develops and administers customized construction trade licensing exams for hundreds of state and municipal jurisdictions. ICC certification offers proof of knowledge, technical expertise and commitment to protect public health, safety, and welfare. AESI maintains licenses for special inspector, structural masonry, reinforced concrete, structural steel & welding, and pre stressed concrete.


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